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Prime Wardrobe Fashion Specialist
(September 2020 - January 2023)

– Pioneered Amazon's Prime Wardrobe personal shopping service (akin to Stitch Fix) from the testing stage to the public launch
Identified new trends and top-performing SKUs using customer analytics from QuickSight
Cultivated robust customer connections through CRM and surpassed the program average for repeat customers by 12%
– Served as a Training Ambassador, preparing impactful training material and onboarding temporary employees
Awarded for surpassing sales goals by 15%+ within a single quarter and curating some of the highest revenue collections department-wide
– Led coaching sessions to help train other Fashion Experts after exceeding the performance and sales bar for my role and level
– Served as a Scrum Lead, collaborating with machine learning teams to help improve client and internal experience, strategizing technical solutions and presenting weekly updates to the styling team with upcoming changes to internal tools
Coordinated with the merchandising team to launch Amazon's first brick-and-mortar store and developed SOP documents to be used in future training

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