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Design Manager

(July  2019 - August 2020)

Design Assistant

(August 2018 - July 2019)

– Responsible for managing product development & production calendar for both knit and woven divisions

– Booked executive time for design meetings, fittings, collection approvals
– Managed communication between factory, warehouse, sales, and marketing teams for knit and woven divisions
– Set initial pricing for new silhouettes to maintain profit margin standards, cost negotiated with factories
– Conducted competitor research for new style bodies
– Checked on lab dips, materials, and proto samples received from the factory
– Managed pattern development, fit comments, markers, and pattern files between designer, pattern maker, and factory
– Weekly trips to suppliers & factories for meetings and follow-ups on developments
– Built line sheets, drew & rendered CADs and prints per delivery, updated design layouts after all merchandising meetings
– Responsible for approving invoices for all development, sampling, and production for knits
– Passed off production line sheets, approved SMS samples, and comments to factories monthly​​

Below is a sample of XíRENA's Resort 2021 collection. Please contact me for more examples of my work as Design Manager.

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